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Wild Dogs in Savute

Author Dominic Chadbon

Set deep in the wild heart of Botswana’s Chobe National Park, the Savute region has a reputation for anything-can-happen game viewing. And for Taz, a guide at Desert & Delta’s Savute Safari Lodge, this was brought to light one spectacular afternoon this May. And in true Savute-style, the drama unfolded not on a game drive but while Taz was strolling around camp enjoying some winter sunshine. He takes up the story.

“Suddenly I heard some noise by the river front. I rushed there […]

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Fishing in Botswana

Fishing in Botswana – Author Dominic Chadbon

Fishing in Botswana is one of those right-place-right-time experiences. You might enjoy a productive afternoon of fishing on an Okavango Delta lagoon one month and return a few months later to find the water gone and the boats high and dry. And between January and February, fishing is prohibited in Botswana for fish breeding purposes.

But depending where you go and what you’re fishing for, you can enjoy some seriously good fishing in Botswana. You can fish with artificial […]

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Leopards in Botswana

Author Dominic Chadbon

With its coiled, muscular grace and beguilingly beautiful coat, the leopard is the most sought-after sighting on safari. Yet, despite its widespread distribution, Panthera pardus is also the most elusive of big cats. Solitary, stealthy and shy, they are best seen in Africa’s most undisturbed and wildest reserves – and that means Botswana.

Leopards in Botswana live from the red-sand Kalahari to the banks of the Chobe River and are often seen in broad daylight, seemingly unconcerned by our presence. Once, while guiding […]

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Review of Camp Linyanti & Camp Savuti

Posted by Walter Kohrs

The Author was an Australian Client Rob B. that loved the safari and traveling with family and friends (8 clients in total). Please read the review from him below:

“In the interests of constructive criticism I will say a few things, but please know we had a fabulous time with great staff, facilities and food. Special mention should go to our guides KT and Pony Oddballs), OP at Linyanti and KG at Savuti. Oddballs was awesome in every way.


Review of […]

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Where to See African Wild Dogs in Botswana

Author Dominic Chadbon

Big cat sightings are the highlight of any African safari but there’s another predator who always steals the show: the African wild dog.

As sociable as lions, as fleet-footed as cheetah and with a leopard’s dazzle of colours, wild dogs are bewitching creatures. They communicate in bird-like chirps and clicks, their intelligent faces are topped by huge radar ears; their bodies lean and muscled.

With a hunting success rate of 80%, African wild dogs are the continent’s super-predators and a sighting usually means […]

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Tips to book an Affordable Botswana Safari

Author Dominic Chadbon (Affordable Botswana Safari)

When it comes to heavyweight safari destinations, few match Botswana. Several of its reserves are the size of European countries, and it is home to Africa’s greatest concentrations of elephants, the last stronghold of African wild dogs and witnesses a dazzling zebra migration.

Part of Botswana’s appeal is that apart from a handful of game viewing hotspots, her parks are mostly unknown and empty of visitors. That’s also in part due to Botswana’s high cost, low impact tourism policy […]

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